Complex Family 1 - Technical specifications

Building description

- Solid reinforced concrete costruction
- Walls and bearing walls with bricks ‘Wienerberger’
- Outside building insulation
- Roof with both thermo- and hydro-insulation
- Facade done with mineral paint
- Building divided in two, each with its own entrance and elevator

Apartments’ description

- Entrance doors: metal
- Windows: high quality PVC window frames
- Walls and ceilings: bricks, painting and plaster skim, white paint
- Floors: screeds; terrace floors: granite tiles


- Electrical installation: sockets and light switches according to a general electrical plan, lights on light sockets, auto fuse boxes
- Water supply installation: polypropylene pipes, water meters
- Canalization: PVC pipes
- Ventilation: PVC pipes
- Doorbells and intercom installation: according to the general plan

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